Here’s Quick Way to Get Rid of Your No. 1 Excuse

Getting rid of excuses may not be the easiest thing to do

There’s quick way of getting rid of your No 1 excuse.

The No. 1 thing that is holding you back is not laziness. It’s not poor time management.

Common excuses

Here are some common excuses we use that stop us from taking action and reaching our dreams and goals:
1. I’m too old to start.
2. I’m not talented enough.
3. I’m not smart enough.
4. I don’t have enough time to discover what I like.
5. My family and friends don’t think I’m capable.
6. I don’t know if I will succeed.
7. I’ve already dedicated myself to a different path.
8. I’m just not lucky enough.
9. I didn’t have the right teachers.
10. I’m not destined to succeed.
11. I’m not motivated enough.
12. I’m too easily distracted by other things.
13. I’m not educated enough.
14. I can’t handle failure and fears.
15. I will start tomorrow.
16. I’m not ready.
17. I don’t believe I can do it.

These common excuses are rooted in invisible scripts that govern our lives.

These invisible scripts are subtle, yet harmful. They limit our success and financial freedom.

Invisible scripts are deeply or subconsciously embedded in us that we don’t even realize that they guide our attitudes and behaviours.

Unleashing our potential for success requires us to identify and disprove these invisible scripts. Ask “Why?” over and over again (at least five times) to uncover the invisible scripts until we discover what’s really going on beneath the surface.

What we are doing is peeling an onion where the top layers are the excuses we hear, believe and playback. These invisible scripts are hiding deep down within us as the core of the onion.

Overcoming an invisible script can be as simple as identifying, questioning and taking positive action to disprove the limiting script.


Step 1

Identify the existence of invisible scripts

Let’s take the task of saving money as an example.

Ask the following questions:
(1) Am I delaying or avoiding saving money for my future?
(2) Am I nervous or uncomfortable when I save money for myself?
(3) I can’t explain why I don’t save money at all?

If the answers are “Yes” to any of the three questions above, then there’s a good chance that there is a subconscious limiting script holding you back from saving money and preventing you from financial freedom.

Step 2

Pinpoint the exact invisible scripts by constantly asking “Why”

Pinpoint the exact invisible scripts that are preventing you from saving money.

Keep asking yourself “why” over and over again until you feel like you got to the core or root of the invisible script. Ask questions like:
(1) Why am I not saving money?
(2) Why do I feel this way?
(3) Why do I think that way?
(4) Why my believe towards money is negative?
(5) Why am I afraid of saving money?
(6) Why do I live in the moment and immediately spend all my money?
(7) Why am I against the wealthy or rich?

The invisible script could be that “money is the root of all evil and it can’t buy happiness”.


Step 3

Take positive actions to disprove the invisible script and re-frame your mindset

Now that you’ve found the invisible script “money is the root of all evil and it can’t buy happiness”, all you need to do is to embrace it, question it’s truth and take action to disprove it.


Embrace the invisible script by allowing yourself to feel it by saying it out loud: “I spend all my money because money is the root of all evil and it will not buy my happiness.”


Question the truth by being open to the possibility that this invisible script might not actually be true: “Maybe money is not evil and with sufficient money saved, I can have the freedom to do the things I want.”


Disassociate and reject these scripts because they don’t belong to you. Somehow we have unconsciously acquire these false beliefs and they have controlled our desire to be financially free. What we heard and experienced about money when we were growing up can still linger in our subconscious and dictate our current financial life.

We may also be conditioned by the way money was handled in our parent’s household. Was money a source of joy or the cause of arguments? Was it managed well or mismanaged? Did it come easily or was it always a struggle?


Take one action step today in order to disprove the invisible script, one step at a time.

The action could be opening a separate bank account. It could be setting up a standing instruction for $100 per month to be transferred automatically into this account from a regular salary bank account.


Reframe your mindset by developing and accepting a new way of thinking. Perhaps, say that “I choose to save money and I have chosen a NEW way of thinking about my happiness and financial independence”.

Continuously renew your mind with this new way of thinking by surrounding yourself with like-minded people who have saved successfully for their future.

There you have it. Now you know how to tackle your invisible scripts head on and get what you want.

What practical steps can we take to overcome our invisible scripts and succeed?



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