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Homeowners and property investors, if you want to own your dream house in Australia and …

(1) Don’t know where to starthow to buy a property or how to invest in property.

(2) Confused, nervous, fearful or overwhelmed by the process of buying a house.

(3) Don’t know enough to formulate your own property strategies.

(4) Don’t want to buy a wrong property or overpay for a property.


Then, I’m going to reveal to you …

(a) The process of buying the right house that you have always wanted.

(b) How to focus on buying the right property, at the right price, at the right location and at the right time.

(c) How to avoid stress by following well-crafted strategies for choosing an investment grade property that will lead to your financial freedom. [For more information about financial freedom, please see my related blog, employeesatrisk.wordpress.com]


More importantly, you’ll learn how to buy the house that you have always wanted with confidence, and with minimal risk and fear.

You are not alone, really

A survey in October 2014 by the Real Estate Council of Ontario revealed that 41% of house owners wished that they had done something different when buying a house. They wished that they had a better grasp of the process of buying a house, seeing more houses, having more inspections, spending more time researching and interviewing real estate professionals before selecting one, and understanding the contracts involved better.

A further 32% reported that they did not feel prepared and knowledgeable about the process of buying a house.

To help you overcome your fears and apprehension, I have taken detailed notes of my research, readings and education into the process of buying a house in Australia after I was tricked by slick marketers because of my lack of knowledge. I vowed thereafter that I would never be tricked again by reading up on the topic which has helped me to become a successful homeowner and property investor.


Ultimate how-to guides to help you avoid financial disasters

You will have access to my detailed notes in the form of two manuals or complete how-to guides: “The Complete Guide for First-time Homeowners” (The first home owners guide) or “The Complete Guide for First-time Property Investors” (The property investment guide).


As a CPA, it is my professional goal to make the information that I provide to you to be as complete, relevant and actionable as possible.

By signing up for your FREE resources, you will receive two eBooks, “7 Steps to Buy the House That You Have Always Wanted” and “Real Estate Investing Secrets – How to Avoid Financial Disasters“.


Financial independence through strategy and education

When it comes to buying a house or buying a real estate in Australia, the #1 reason why people struggle is because there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for buying the right property, at the right price, at the right location and at the right time that is tailored to your unique circumstances and personal goals.

The survey by the Real Estate Council of Ontario is a telling reminder to us that a good understanding of the real estate buying process can lead to fewer long-term regrets or remorse and even avoid costly financial disasters.

If you’re looking to buy your first home or investment property … or you’re simply searching for solid unbiased information about buying a house or an investment property in Australia … then THIS could be the most important website that you’ll ever visit, more so if you are a DIY person.

The fundamentals and discipline of buying a property apply to both first home buyers and property investors.

If you’re like most people and it’s your first time here, then you might want to know what this website is all about. So …


Here’s my story …

My name is Patrick O. and I’m the founder of this website (howtobuyrealestate.com.au) and employeesatrisk.wordpress.com. Along with my wife and five children, we live in Melbourne.

Like many of you, I have been taught to go to school and university, get a job, work hard, get married and have children. Time marched on since graduating with a double degree from a top university in Australia. I was busy with my career and I started my family.

Employees are at risk

Then at age 41, I had an aha moment. Employees like me are at risk!

The facts are discouraging: the national average tenure in an Australian job is 3.3 years (McCrindle Research, 2014); mature-age workers can’t find jobs or are restructured out of a job (Human Rights Commission’s Willing to Work report, 2016); and there are constant changes to the Age Pension and superannuation rules and policies.

These developments meant that I have to find alternate sources of passive income well before I retire. I cannot rely on the Australian Government for my financial freedom and independence.

In my quest to buy my first investment property, I attended some free ‘wealth creation’ seminars.

Let’s face it. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I didn’t know where to start, who I can trust and what the process of buying a house was at that time. I was frustrated, overwhelmed and fearful.

Beware of property marketers

A real estate marketer convinced me that real estate investment is easy (which is not!) and that I could forever live off the passive income generated by a portfolio of real estate investments without reliance on government handouts or age pension. In theory, this sounded good.

The temptation was too great. I fell into the trap and bought an interstate investment property without any clue about how to invest in property and the different property investment strategies. The marketing ploy was slick, predatory and emotional.

Lucky for me, I came to my senses and terminated the property sale within the 7-day cooling off period. Yes, I lost a couple of dollars. It was worth it from hindsight. It was an invaluable and important lesson that I learned and I want to teach others to avoid this same experience.

Thereafter, I vowed to educate myself in the process of buying properties. I searched the Internet for free information, read lots of books and attended many free seminars.

With the information I gathered, I saw through the marketing messages and half-truths.

Free information can cost

Here’s the rub. I learned that free information can cost due to their incompleteness (aka advice risk!).

There are experts and there are experts. Some experts have ulterior motives to provide us with ‘free’ information so that we are convinced to buy the properties they sell or pay for their services (i.e., mentoring, training, buyer’s agent, etc.).

The bad news for all of us is that the real estate investment industry in Australia is largely regulation-free. Marketers and experts can say almost anything, charge thousands of dollars of professional and mentoring fees, and get secret commissions without any disclosure to anyone.

The good outcome from my unpleasant experience was that I got educated and started my property investment portfolio with rational thinking, structured approach, and good research.


Which brings us to this website …

But first, you’re probably wondering who am I and why should you pay attention to what I’m about to tell you.

There’s an entire industry out there that tries to make money off ‘helping’ people like you and I buy our first property.

The only way people in the industry make money is when we’re confused and intimidated. There’s a financial stake in making things seem complicated. They ‘help’ by giving out ‘free’ information and offering ‘free’ strategy sessions. In fact, these freebies are cleverly disguised as a marketing sell.

One ‘expert’ even challenged me to take advantage of the ‘substantial discount’ he is offering if I signed up at the end of our first 30-minute telephone call. In his words, “I teach my clients to be action takers!”

Because we are hard-wired in many ways to be scared and extremely risk averse when it comes to our money, all of these things have convinced us that buying a property and investing is a scary thing, something that we want to avoid until the last minute and something that we want help with when we do decide to do it.

It should not be the case, really.

Diverse Hands Holding the Word Independence

That’s why I am here to help you as a truly independent person who is passionate about educating and empowering you with educational information so that you can make the right decision and choice, take the right steps and most importantly, buy the right property that meets your goals at the price and location that you want.

What I’ve been doing over the last 15 to 20 years of my professional career (outside of the real estate industry) has involved creating a process that I use with every organisation and client I work with. I ask them a series of questions, which helps me identify what the #1 biggest challenge is in their work and how to fix it.

Independent Buyer’s Friend

As a homeowner, a property investor and a former renter, I have applied and documented this same process to buying a house and an investment property.

I have taken a well-structured and holistic approach, and have meticulously documented the outcomes for your exclusive benefit as a Buyer’s Friend – that is, someone who is passionate about education; someone independent who is not motivated to sell you properties and services; someone who has been there; and someone who want others to succeed and not fail or fall into the same trap as I foolishly did.


I have been a Buyer’s Friend to a number of my own family members and friends who bought their first real estate in Australia.

My aim is to empower and motivate you with as much structured and holistic education about the process of buying a house as a first home buyer or as a property investor so that you can have the peace and confidence to start right and avoid making costly emotional and financial mistakes.

Armed with the right information, you are then expected to seek the appropriate professional and experienced (e.g., accountant, lawyer, mortgage broker, etc.) advice and help to enable you to buy your first property.


And the turning point in my life …

Real estate ownership is a journey. It does take hard work. It’s also about cultivating the right mindset.

Experience has taught me three things about buying a house and an investment property:

Firstly, I discovered that the most expensive advice (in the long run) is FREE advice or information, given in piecemeal, given with different motives and hidden agenda in mind, or given without consideration of my unique circumstances. There is a price to pay for good education and information if I want to succeed.

Secondly, I discovered that when I’m armed with the right information, I’m able to ask the right questions, develop my own strategies and take the right steps to reduce my risks, fears, and anxiety. The key is starting right without leaving it to chance or speculation.

And thirdly (and the most important), I discovered that I must know my WHY (including my reasons and goals) of owning a property and whether owning the property will bring me closer to my goals. A strong WHY will keep me focus on my goals and it motivates me to succeed.

And now that you know my story…


Here’s my invitation to you …

I’m simply passionate about helping people like you avoid making the same mistakes when I first got started as a homeowner and a property investor.

That’s why all subscribers to my website will get a free copy of my eBooks, “7 Steps to Buy the Right House That You have Always Wanted” and “Real Estate Investing Secrets: How to Avoid Financial Disasters.”

There is a Facebook page that you can join for up-to-date information about general and related real estate matters.

In my other eBooks, The Complete Guide for First-time Homeowners(The first home owners guide) or The Complete Guide for First-time Property Investors (The property investment guide), I provide genuinely actionable and educational real estate information that will get you started in the right way. 

I have the following benefits in mind when writing these eBooks:

(1) Investing in yourself through education and understanding the process of buying a house in Australia.

(2) Ability to make sound decisions to buy the right property, at the right price, and at the right location based on proper due diligence and independent information.

(3) Gain confidence in buying your first property and avoid costly financial mistakes.

(4) Beat the buyers’ remorse given that a property is the most expensive thing most of us will ever buy.


If there is anything that I MUST cover in this website or guides, please let me know and leave me a little note – I read each and every email that comes through.


My warmest regards


PS. I look forward to helping you improve your knowledge, reach your personal goals and transform your life.

PPS. Do let me know if you need assistance and let’s take this journey together.



About Patrick

I am the founder of Employeesatrisk.wordpress.com and Howtobuyrealestate.com.au.

Employeesatrisk.wordpress.com is a website dedicated to provide 9-to-5 employees wanting to create a different lifestyle through investing and starting their own business with relevant, actionable and practical information to help them make the transition. I want them to have the confidence to start right, take control over their financial independence and be the pilot of their life.

Howtobuyrealestate.com.au is a website dedicated to provide first-time homeowners or property investors with relevant, actionable and independent information to help them make informed decisions when they’re thinking about buying their first property. I want them to have the confidence to start right and avoid making costly emotional and financial mistakes.